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It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here. Never a dull moment.

This week marks 14 weeks of pregnancy, of which I am so very thankful. This week also marks our first appointment with our OB/GYN. He’s the baby man, so we’ll call him Dr. B.

So because we said hello to one doctor, that means we had to say goodbye to our doctor at the fertility clinic. Our appointment was pretty quick, we got to see the babies again, this time I got a little screen at my head so I had a great view of what was going on. Baby A was crossing its legs–pretty funny to see, and Baby B was bouncing around, as usual. We saw the spines, the hands and fingers, the feet and legs, and best of all, two absolutely proportioned noses. No more beaks on these two! Their crown to rump measurements were smaller than their gestational age by a couple of days, no biggie, but their biparietal measurement was like a week ahead of schedule. These kids are going to have giant melon heads! This should not come as news–my husband and his cousin were famous for their enormous heads. My mum let me know that my brother’s was massive, too. Ouch, is all I have to say about that.

We met with the doctor after the ultrasound and he reviewed the NT results–both babies look great. He gave the shpeel on cord blood banking and thinking about what we want to do with frozen embies, and then walked us out. I was already near to tears (I’ve mentioned the Kristen Bell sloth video on here before, I think, and how this. is. my. life), but put out my hand despite my impulse to hug him.

“Oh, we don’t shake hands at the end of this, we hug”, he told me, and all I could think was, “that’s all I wanted to do!”. I cried a little as he talked to us a little bit more, and felt really kind of sad and alone while leaving the building. Who was going to take care of us all now? We’ve been seeing this doctor on the regs for a year now. He did both my surgeries. We have HISTORY.

Anyway, I pulled myself together and soldiered on.

Then today.

Dr. B works out of the hospital where we’ll be having the babies. The birthing suites are beautiful, and look more like hotel rooms than hospital rooms. The NICU is a level III, though we’re obviously hoping we won’t have to find out how great it is because we’ll have two healthy babies.

It didn’t feel right, though, going to this giant hospital and not being familiar with how things ran there. I felt really uneasy and all I wanted was to be back at the clinic with the doctor I knew and the system that I knew. Sign up for ultrasound, take the number, sign up to see the doctor, sign up for bloodwork, wait and watch the fish.

We were super early to the meeting, so J suggested we play a game on his phone. He didn’t know until I told him after, but I had a little cry while waiting to meet Dr. B.

Update: Dr. B is awesome. He had so much time for us, was relaxed, and we got to hear the heart beats for the first time. No ultrasound, but it was really cool to hear two distinct heart beats. He didn’t think we’d be able to differentiate them, but Baby B is still faster than Baby A.

Now I’m relieved. I know I’m in good hands. He gave us the stats from the NT scan (which we didn’t get from the clinic), and Baby A’s odds were 1 in 1600, and Baby B’s were 1 in 1400. He said these were great results, especially given my age (odds should have been more like 1 in 350). Way to overachieve, babies!

In other news, we started telling people our news. Friends, I mean, family had known forever. I had a major spazz on Sunday, knowing that J was out there spreading the news. Shit suddenly got…real. I was so afraid that something would get jinxed, even though we had waited a good amount of time. It was nerve-wracking. I cried. Obvi.

So that’s what’s happening right now. I’m starting to show a little, I told my class (the story is awesome, but I’ll save it for another time), and most other teachers know now. It’s so nice to not have to hide my expanding belly, and I love how it pokes out in tight dresses.

Now, I’m off to eat some tacos!

-Will Probably Cry Before The Night Is Done Family Van.


Apparently, my digestion history has been pretty textbook. I ate, I pooped, I burped a little, and occasionally (!) let out some toots.

As a result, I have no idea what is currently happening to my body. I keep getting these little puke burps, and it feels like I have all of this food stuck in my chest, kind of at the point between my ribs. Is that indigestion? Last night I had a total, actual pukefest after feeling awful for the past couple of days with zero appetite. So awful, in fact, that I couldn’t really sleep because it felt like the food hadn’t gone down properly.

So what is this? I woke up feeling fine, but then after eating breakfast, the same feeling of trapped food and pukey burps is back. I feel like an idiot asking my doctor about it, because I’m 33 years old. Shouldn’t I know what indigestion is? Google searching “vomit burps” hasn’t helped either so now I’m kind of at a loss. I’m nit really worried, I just would like to know what this is.

Thanks for any insight, ladies. Your help is much appreciated!

-Puke-filled Family Van.

Apparently, I teach the most intuitive Grade 5 and 6s ever. They’re on to me and my little secret(s).

One of my students asked to speak to me privately today after school. She was beside herself because she’d used my phone earlier in the day to translate words from English to French (I teach a French program), and she accidentally hit the browser button.

“I saw the page you were on”, she said.

Okay…I had no idea what she was talking about and panicked a bit at possible swear words or something she had seen (note to self: be more aware of what’s on your phone before handing it off to students).

“It said something about motherhood…?”

This is the sweetest, most lovely student I may have ever taught, and I could see how awful she felt for having seen anything. She then proceeded to tell me that a bunch of students have been talking, and they’re all convinced (“conVINCED!”, she tells me) that I’m pregnant. They’ve seen a bump, and they just know that their teacher is preggers.




What do I do with this? Of course, I can’t think on my feet and I’m honest to a fault. It never occurred to me that I could lie about it (seriously, how hard is it to say, “that was for a friend”, or “I was researching something”?).

So I admitted it to her and told her she has to keep it quiet for another two weeks. As if I’m asking an 11-year old to keep a secret for me.

In other news, I guess I’m showing more than I thought…

-Big Ol’ Pregnant Family Van

12 weeks, 1 day today! Hooray!

We had our NT scan today, which I was super nervous about for a couple of reasons. The first was that I hadn’t seen the babies post-SCH scare, and was more than a little paranoid that something had happened to them between the scan we had two weeks ago and today. The second was normal NT scan fears: what was that magic number going to be?

Turns out, no reason to be nervous on either front. Both babies are doing great and were wiggling around in there like crazy. They’re positioned next to each other, and I guess Baby B is kind of a space hog and kept pushing Baby A over and out of the way. J got a better view of them for most of the appointment, but I saw them a bit, too. Baby A was waving its hand at the beginning of the scan, and Baby B jumped. Funny. Baby A was super cooperative, and had its measurement taken easily. 1.1mm. We’ll take it.

Baby B was not so cooperative, and was giving the ultrasound tech a hard time, wiggling around in all the wrong positions. She got it eventually, and that measurement was 1.6mm. Both well under 2.5mm, so the doctor says we’re in great shape.

We got a clear profile of Baby A, and holy crap, that kid’s got a massive nose! I’m hoping it’s just the angle they got him/her at, because it looks like a freaking beak! Now, I knew big noses were a distinct possibility. I am married to a man who has a big nose (and I think makes him very handsome!), but this is kind of ridiculous!

We’re tossing around the name Cyrano. What do you think?

That is one super sniffer!

That is one super sniffer!

-A Very Happy Family Van

Not quite as good as Jerry’s here, but pretty solid nonetheless.

11 weeks, 3 days of nausea, yes, but puking, no.

Except for today. Cue Pukey McPukes a lot making an appearance as soon as I get to school this morning. Here’s the really sick part, though:

I kind of liked it. For the first time, I felt like I’m pregnant. Let’s be honest, though, I don’t think I’d like it so much if it hadn’t been such a novelty. Daily pukes? No thanks.

In other news, there has been no more bleeding since last Thursday. There was a bit of brown spotting for a few days after, but hardly anything. For this, I am truly grateful.

-Pukey McPukes, aka The Family Van.