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Today marks two weeks since we brought Arlo and Felix home. Everyone says how hard it is being a parent. Yeah…they weren’t kidding. We’ve had some really great days that make me cry tears of happiness, and some really awful days that just make me cry out of sheer desperation. Thankfully, we’ve had a lot more of the former than the latter.

The twins are breast feeding every 3 hours, and the feeds take about an hour from beginning to end. Translation: I have 2 hour chunks through the day where I’m not feeding. Felix has been a pro feeder from pretty early on, but it’s only been recently that Felix has started to figure his shit out. We had to supplement my breast milk with formula in the hospital because the boys had low blood sugar, and have continued to do so to get their weights up. Felix is nearly done with this regimen, replacing the formula with longer feeds. I’ve been pumping in an effort to completely replace the formula “top up” with my breast milk (of which there is TONS–breast pads are essential these days unless I want to pull a Jackie*). The good news: both babies are above their birth weights after two weeks. We’re a little ahead of schedule.

We’re getting there.

I pulled off the steri-strips today that were covering my c-section incision. I have a bad habit of leaving the tape on longer than advised, partly because I think they’ll keep it cleaner, and partly because I’m afraid to see what is hiding up under the tape. My incision looks great–no Frankenstein stitches, in fact, no stitches to be seen. It just looks like a skin fold.

My recovery has been pretty great. Very minimal pain, and even that only lasted a few days and was easily managed with extra strength Tylenol. My one piece of advice for anyone having a c-section: go find really large underwear, then buy the next size up. Look for undies that are described as “briefs”, and make you think they are anything but. Seek out gotchies that are laughably large, that sit comfortably above your belly button. They look totally awful and you will feel more like a seasoned grandmother than a new mother, but trust me, they are crucial.

After a sleepless night, it’s waking up to a sight like the one below that makes me remember how hard we worked to get here, and how in love I am with these two little gaffers. I still can’t believe that they’re mine.


-Sleep deprived but for two very good reasons Family Van

*i thought I would be able to find the classic Roseanne clip of Jackie leaking breast milk through her wedding dress, but alas…’tis not to be…


This will be a quick post. We arrived home from the hospital after a 4-day stay. We chose to stay an extra night, more for my own sake than for the twins.

We have two boys: Arlo and Felix, and I am totally in love.

I made it to our scheduled c-section date of 38 weeks, 3 days gestation. The boys were both 5 pounds, 10 ounces each. Arlo was born first and is an inch longer at 19 inches. They’re amazing babies, totally perfect in every way. Any worries about echogenic bowel and missing kidneys are distant memories, and the boys are both eating and growing like champs.

Here’s a picture (Baby A is Arlo, Baby B is Felix):


do-do-do-doo, do-do-do-do-doo…

My time being pregnant can now be officially counted in hours. In less than 24, these babies will no longer be inside of me. I don’t know how I feel about that.


Baby A refuses to turn, despite acupuncture, moxibustion, baby spinning, and swimming. This little guy is just too cozy, I guess. C-section is scheduled for tomorrow at 11:30 AM. If I’m honest, I let go of the idea of a vaginal birth a couple of months ago, but that doesn’t make tomorrow any less scary.

I thought I was so tough because, y’know, I’ve had two surgeries already. Yeah…I closely examined my laparoscopy scars yesterday (well, as closely as I could get due to my enormous belly), and realized how teeny tiny they are, and how teeny tiny those surgeries were. Not really comparable to my belly being cut open to pull TWO PEOPLE OUT OF IT.

I’m shitting my pants a little lot.

I’m scared of the surgery, I’m scared of something being wrong with these babies, I’m scared of how much pain I’ll be in afterwards and how I’m going to take care of these little babes. I’m on the verge of tears pretty much 24/7. People keep telling me how excited I must be. Um,,,well,,,once I get over this crippling fear, maybe then I’ll feel excited. Until I know that everyone is okay, I think all I really feel is scared.

I forgot to mention that last week, J had an acute sciatic nerve attack. He injured his back a few years ago resulting in a bulging disc. On Tuesday, though, he woke up to a numb leg and then crippling pain that sent him to the hospital with his mother (a retired nurse–thank goodness she was here!). I sat at home and cried, wondering how in the hell we were going to cope. It was hard enough trying to take care of him while 37/38 weeks pregnant. It seemed impossible to do after a c-section and with newborn twins. My mum will be staying with us, and his family is up for a bit, but still. Too overwhelming for this lady. He’s up and about now, but still in pain. He thinks he can handle sitting with me during the c-section, though. Let’s hope so.

But anyway! Let’s get back to what’s important.

I’m going to be giving birth to two babies tomorrow.




It’s nearly go time, people. Let’s do this!

-Pumped Up Family Van.