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I had a cycle monitoring appointment again today. It was pretty non-eventful. I spoke with my doctor more about the fluid in my left tube, and he said that if it’s going to go away, it’ll go after I ovulate. If it’s still there, treatment would involve one of two methods of closing up the tube: another laparoscopy (the free method covered under our provincial health program), or a method he does in the office ($600 out of pocket). The first option requires anesthesia again, while the other doesn’t. I asked if it was normal for this fluid to go away. He didn’t really answer, which probably means no. He said if we were to go on to do IVF, he would definitely be closing up the tube before we went ahead. From everything I’ve read online, if you’ve got fluid in your tube, it can leak into the uterus, causing an inhospitable environment for a growing embryo. That doesn’t make me feel too positive about this cycle, but anyway…

So we left things with me continuing the Puregon for at least the next two days. I called J, let him know we’d probably need his services (and spermies!) towards the end of the week.

I carried on with my day, and then at 4:00, I got a phone call from the clinic: I was surging!

Pardon the expletives (here they come)…




My body is ovulating on its own. No trigger shot. My body is doing what it’s supposed to. I wanted to give my innards a hug and tell them I was proud of them (if I’m honest, I did this inside my head after I got the call). Could this be the result of the clean eating diet I’ve been following? It hasn’t been that long (maybe 3 weeks?), or a result of the surgery? Or did little righty over here just figure her shit out? Whatever the case, I’m pretty happy. Baby or no baby, I ovulated on my own. That is so freaking awesome. I have yet to have a cycle at the clinic where my body ovulated before the doctor could give me a trigger shot.

So–IUIs tomorrow and Wednesday. I’ll be wearing my koi fish socks to bring me some luck. Come on, body. You can totally do this.

-Ovulating Like A Boss Regular Van.

So I may or may not have had a major freak-out last night, which may or may not have caused me to convince myself I had ovulated too late for the IUIs to have done anything.

I may or may not have bugged out so hard that I had to turn off my Circle+Bloom meditation program because my breathing started speeding up.

I also may or may not have spent the hours between midnight – 2:00 AM conducting the following Google searches:

  • i didn’t ovulate iui
  • ovulation not confirmed progesterone suppositories
  • iui pain
  • does progesterone stop ovulation
  • ovidrel
  • ovidrel success rates
  • how long does washed sperm live
  • timing of iui

I also may or may not have yelled at poor J ON HIS BIRTHDAY because I spent a restless night freaking out about whether this cycle was a bust or not and not knowing what to do about it while feeling definite ovulation pain, and maybe kind of resenting the fact that he was sound asleep while all this freaking out was going on.

I may or may not have used yet another sick day to return to the clinic like a crazy lady, and sputter out some nonsensical ramblings about not ovulating and maybe needing a third IUI and not knowing what to do and should I start the progesterone and I swear I’m not crazy but I know it sounds like I am…

I may or may not have spoken to the sweetest nurse in the world who sent me for an ultrasound to see if I’d ovulated, who told me I had two teams working for me. Two teams? “Two teams of sperm are in there looking for that egg”, she may or may not have said to me, while looking at me with an expression that could best be described as a mix of “let’s get this crazy calmed STAT”, and genuine caring. I may or may not have said to her that I don’t usually spaz out like this, I swear, this is my first major bug out, I swear…

My doctor may or may not have seen me after the ultrasound and asked me if I was okay, to which I apparently couldn’t formulate an answer, so he brought me into his office to talk. During this meeting, I may or may not have been repeating the mantra “I can control the flood that is creeping into my eyes right now/You will not break down here”, while listening to him explain that the timing for the IUIs was perfect, that I shouldn’t lose sleep over this (um, too late for that one, sir), and that I had probably ovulated yesterday afternoon or early evening.

I may or may not love my sweet husband even more for encouraging me to go to the clinic to put my mind at ease and to come with me this morning. He may or may not have smeared his face with the chocolate from his muffin to make me laugh, and then forced me to kiss him so he could call me a “chocolate face!!!”, which I know was all done in the name of making me laugh and trying to get me to chill out for just a second. It may or may not have worked a treat.

All of this may or may not have happened, but as I said above, I admit nothing :).

-Keeping Shtum Regular Van

The waiting now officially begins. The IUI went off without a hitch, though Dr. let me know that my body “looks like it’s about to ovulate”, then reminded me that Ovidrel makes 98% of women ovulate (and it’s always worked for me in the past). Kind of nerve-wracking, though. I’ve never been told at my second IUI that I haven’t ovulated yet.

Anyway, the good news to that is that I get to hold off on starting the progesterone until tomorrow morning. Thank heavens for small miracles.

J has a conference 2 hours out of town this week, so he’s been in a big rush these past couple of days. We talked yesterday about him not sticking around for the IUI after he dropped off his sample. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of this yesterday, but I said it was fine if that’s what he needed to do. And I meant it–I didn’t mean “fine” in that wifey way that really means it’s not fine.

Then we get to today. I was super emotional last night, but I was on my own, so no one saw me weeping while watching the documentary of Elmo’s puppeteer. And I mean weeping.

I felt fine when I walked into the clinic, but when J came over to wait with me to get my blood taken and preparing to say goodbye, I lost my shit a little bit. I started crying which I have never done in the clinic before–not even at our first meeting. I can keep it together in there for some reason. Not today, however. I told J I didn’t think I could do the IUI alone, and I needed him there. I’ve done 6 of these things already. I know the drill. I needed him there, though.

Reflecting on it now, I realize I had never really thought about how intimate the IUIs really are, and the emotional weight that is connected to them. The process itself is quick, but it’s not necessarily the physical act of it that I needed J there for. I initially thought that it’s pretty much the same as getting a pap test done, but I can see now that I don’t really believe that. I’m being injected with sperm that could potentially result in a baby. That’s kind of heavy, and this is supposed to be a partnership (and it is, don’t get me wrong–J is incredibly supportive). I feel like most of this journey has been a solo flight–I’m coming to the regular appointments, I’m getting blood taken on the regs, and I have a long-standing date with my friend Dildo Cam. I don’t mind doing that on my own, but I feel like when we get to the stage where something could actually happen, J should be there. I think he knew that, too.

May 28th is the date for my pregnancy test. I have a surprising amount of hope and positive feeling about this cycle. I can’t explain it, but I feel like this is my time. For the first time ever, I’ve started to be able to visualize myself pregnant, then with a baby, then with a school-aged child. I feel confident that I am going to be a mum. This is all new for me.

Sending big love out to wannabeayummymommy and her man today. It’s a big day for them, and these two deserve nothing but awesomely amazing news. Everything is crossed for you, girl.

-This time might just be it Regular Van

Round 1 of this cycle’s IUIs is complete.

In the left corner, measuring in at a substantial 20.5 mm, Folli “the baby maker” Eggerson!

And in the right corner, measuring in at…oh wait, Folli wins by default, as he’s going unchallenged.

According to Dr., one egg is just fine for a young pup like me (I will never get tired of him telling me I’m young). He explained today that traditional ovulation predictors don’t work for women with PCOS, as their hormones are all wacked. Interesting, as I used to use them and they turned positive when I thought I should have been ovulating.

Big thanks to Lori at Wanted: Family of Three for my fancy IUI socks. I couldn’t wait to be able to wear them! Koi fish are supposed to bring luck…let’s hope these swimmers (and J’s!) do their jobs this month.

A very flattering (!!) shot of Kois and stirrups. Yes, those are oven gloves on the stirrups.


…that’s the goal, direct from my naturopath.

Did I mention this was the SECOND time I’ve met this woman? Thankfully, I have had adequate experience with people sans filter that I don’t think I even flinched when she said this.

So let’s backtrack. I had my second appointment with the naturopath yesterday. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately and was happy to report my progress. Her first question was not “Are you pregnant?”, which I appreciated, but “how’s your libido?”. It’s improving, that’s for sure, because it was pretty much non-existent for a while there. She was very excited. I also got to tell her that things are getting a lot juicier in the nether regions. She nearly squealed, but instead responded with the now famous phrase:

We want you wet and horny. That’s what gets babies made.

Oh Dr., I love you.

She then took my pulse to check in on the liver stasis she felt at my first appointment, and also to feel for the dampness she felt last time as well (pulse dampness). She said my pulse was “beautiful”, the dampness was gone and the liver stasis had greatly improved. “Your body is healing itself”. I nearly cried.

You need to understand that I have a long, long history with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and never have I heard that I had a strong, healthy pulse. This is progress, big time.

I told her where I was in my cycle, and she nearly jumped out of her chair while asking me if she could do some acupuncture on me. Of course, was my reply. Now, I wasn’t prepared to take my leggings off, but I figured she could deal with my super hairy legs. She did a million belly points (I’ve never had that many), two leg points, two hand points, and 4 ear points (this was new to me, too). Her technique was gentle with no manipulation of the needles once they were in. The ear points hurt going in, but the pain was gone in a second or two. I had a glorious acupuncture nap, and awoke refreshed and calm. It was a great experience.

She concluded that these big changes were likely due to my massive reduction in dairy consumption. She figures for me, it’s beyond lactose intolerance and more likely a sensitivity to the proteins in dairy. I don’t miss it, and still have the occasional piece of pizza. The fact that she can see a difference in 5 weeks is motivation enough to keep off it. She reiterated what I have always known but need to be reminded of frequently: my body needs really good stuff put into it on the regs.

We left with not making an appointment, but with two possible scenarios: if I fall pregnant (I love that phrase), I’m calling her to share the news because I’ll hardly have anyone to tell at that early stage, or I call on day 1 of my period to set up an appointment for sometime between day 9 and 12. I appreciated that she said the first option first. I like hope in other people. She believes my body can do this on its own now. No one has told me that yet.

All in all, an awesome appointment. I really do love her!

-Not yet a Slip ‘N Slide but getting better Regular Van

Yesterday marked the first day that I was up to my full dosage of Metformin. Here’s what I’ve noticed so far:

1. My appetite is, like, NOTHING. We had pizza tonight (a rare treat), and I could barely finish my 3rd piece. This is not normal. I have been known to eat a whole pizza myself, or at least half of it. Am I proud of this ability? If there was a word to describe both incredible shame and disturbing fascination, that would best describe my feelings towards my previous pizza voraciousness.

Apparently, there are some nasty digestive side effects with Metformin, but these are avoidable if you take it with meals. You can see the conundrum here: I’m not really ever hungry anymore, but I’m forcing myself to eat 3 meals so I can take these pills. This is a weird, weird feeling for me, because I always felt like I was starving. Though I may not have been the most predictable eater (is lunch that meal you eat at 3:35, when the kids have left for the day?), I was always aware of my hunger and my ability to eat pretty much anything in sight.

2. The California Barking Spiders are getting pretty bad this time of year. The barooms (J’s favourite description of bum trumpets) have been powerful, both in strength and in sound. We were at a book store the other day and I was froggy crouching whilst looking at cook books when it happened.

The explosion from my posterior was LOUD and caught me off guard. Usually, there is some warning that a duck is sneaking out, but this one was like a ninja. I quickly took the book and moved to another location, but I couldn’t stop grinning over the hilarity of the situation. Ba-ROOM!

So this is new. Everyone farts, I know the book, I live the reality. I was vegan for a big chunk of my adulthood, and I’m well aware that the poem about beans, beans, the magical fruit is really accurate. My lactose intolerance has also made me no stranger to the musical stylings our bottoms are capable of. But man alive, this Metformin (if that is indeed who to blame) is SUMMIN’ else.

*Insert writing pause to teach husband how to apply styling product to his hair*

So as I was saying…prepare yourself for some noisy indiscretions if you’re hopping aboard the Metformin train. The good news: though their sound is ferocious, their odor is nonexistant…for the most part…

3. 4-month baby bump is a thing of the past. Though I am certainly not at the stage where I can say I’ve lost weight (I still feel like a huge frigging whale), I don’t think I’m bloated anymore. I still don’t know if I can chalk that crazy weekend belly up to a Metformin/IUI/ovulating 3 eggs combo, or what, but it was something to see.

So that’s the update on Metformin. The side effects so far have been very minimal, which sadly is not the case with these disgusting progesterone suppositories. I had to explain to J that a “long” panty liner has nothing to do with the size of a woman’s va-jay-jay, and more to do with the amount of grossness coming out of her. The past few that I’ve had to insert broke into two small pieces. I felt like I was packing a musket…

-Pootin’ Tootin’ Musket Packin’ Regular Van.


…too bad there’s no baby in it ( at the moment– staying positive!).

J and I are having a staycation this week, so we’ve been touring our city like tourists. While he went to his favorite nerd electronic surplus store, I went to look at clothes. I’ve felt more whale-ish all day, super bloated and peeing every 10 minutes. Anyway, whilst trying on clothes, I noticed I have the sweetest baby bump!

Sadly, my bump is currently babyless, but I look like I’m at least 4 months along. I’m wondering of this is a side effect of the Metformin combined with the super ovulation my body has just gone through.

FYI–the dress I tried on would have been super cute if my belly was distended for procreation reasons. Sigh.

-Massive bellied Regular Van.

Cycle monitoring РCycle Day 13 and 14 РDuration: About 1 1/2 each time

So I’m combining appointments here, because nothing really exciting happened until today (and it wasn’t that exciting–sorry to get your hopes up).

Yesterday’s CM appointment was pretty routine–blood, ultrasound, doctor. Dr. Man came into the room and asked me how I was doing. I think the exact sound I made was “Unngghhhmmmm…?”.

“Feeling a little full?”, he asked.

Oh Dr. Man…you have no idea. For the past few days, I have felt like someone’s been blowing up a balloon in my belly through a straw inserted through my belly button. They keep blowing, and blowing, and blowing…

Another blogger mentioned feeling like a chicken who needed to hatch her eggs, and man alive, did that visualisation resonate with me! When the Dr. told me I wasn’t ready yet, I thought I was going to lose my mind. I feel constantly as if I’m going to pop. Needless to say, it’s a little uncomfortable.

So he told me to come back this morning, which I did, at which point he told me we were good to go for tomorrow and Sunday (double the IUI fun this month!). I’ve got three sturdy follicles, two on one side, one on the other, all over 19 mm. This is exciting, as last month I only had one viable one. My lining is looking okay at 8 mm, with a rating of “B” (anyone know where I can find information about these ratings?).

I got my Ovidrel shot, and was sent on my merry way, waddling out of the clinic.

I feel like a beast. Let’s hope these little eggs are sticky and can catch themselves some sperm!

-Human Chicken Regular Van.

Cycle monitoringCycle days 10, 12, 13 – Duration: about 1 and a half each time

Lots to report on in this post. Things have been moving swiftly. My cycle monitoring appointments started to pick up steam 3 days after the HSG. I arrived and ran through the regular battery of tests: blood work, transvaginal ultrasounds (from here on out=TU because transvaginal grosses me out kind of). The final part of every cycle monitoring session is a quick update with the doctor.

So my session on CD 10 was moving along tickity boo until I got to the doctor part. He told me that the results of all the blood work was “starting to come back”, and he was concerned about my thyroid (I knew it, but that’s another story for another time). He said it was well within normal range, but normal range is not ideal range for women who are trying to conceive. At the time, my thyroid came back at 2.8, and he said he wanted to see it at 2.5. He then said (and here’s where I lost my mind temporarily on the inside, then on the outside much later in the privacy of my own home) that theirs is a “fertility clinic, not a cancer clinic”, and then proceeded to write me a prescription that I would be on for “the long haul”.

Um, can we rewind a bit?

Who throws around the “c” word with no explanation?

I didn’t ask what he meant because I was kind of floored with how the whole discussion had flipped on a dime, but thinking about it rationally now, I guess he was saying that I need to monitor my thyroid with my regular doctor. I guess.

Moving on.

He wanted me back 2 days later for more cycle monitoring, as he felt ovulation was nigh. And so, as a good, obedient, slightly freaked out little patient, I returned 2 days later. Again, I “cycled” through the cycle monitoring stations, and awaited my doctor time. This time, he told me that I had some good looking follicles forming on the right and possibly the left ovary. Exciting!

We discussed our options for this month. He said we could try au naturel if we liked (me: tried that for a year–not so great. Next option?), he could do a cervical insemination (CI) where he would put some cervical mucous on a slide with some sperm to see how they interact, then insert it into cervix if everything was working out well, or we could do an intrauterine insemination (IUI). He expressed some concern with the CI, as a result of the clomid he put me on to encourage ovulation, but the choice remained ours. He wanted me back the next day to check on the follicles to see when we’d be ready for J’s part, and let me know if would be soon (like, next couple of days).

So I returned the next day for another round of cycle monitoring, feeling like a friggin’ pro by this point. At first, I was a little bashful about stripping down to my lady bits in front of the ultrasound techs, but by now, I’ll pretty much pull my pants down for anyone. I started thinking about the multitude of things had been all up in my junk over the past week, and it was really quite shocking.

At the cycle monitoring session on CD 13, I was told tomorrow was going to be the day for whatever we had chosen to do. I said IUI, doctor said he wasn’t going to fight me on that one, and agreed that that course of action made a lot of sense. Phew. So we came up with a plan (I like plans a lot): J would come with me tomorrow to submit his sample, his sperms would get washed to get rid of the extraneous bits, and the doctor would turkey baste them into me.


I was excited. I still am excited. I’m excited that I feel like we’re getting somewhere. IUI doesn’t guarantee a pregnancy (the success rate is pretty crap, actually), but it’ll get us a step closer in figuring out what’s going on.

I got a shot of Ovidrel, which triggers ovulation, in preparation for tomorrow’s IUI. It was a tiny shot in my belly. Little pinch, no big deal. There was some very minimal pain at the site of the shot for maybe an hour or so, but then totally gone. No other side effects that I noticed.

I left feeling positive and excited about what was going to happen tomorrow. First IUI. Hesitant optimism, I’ll call it.

-Hopeful, but still Regular, Van.