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So Tuesday is the day I go to the clinic for a pregnancy blood test. My in-laws have been up this weekend, which has been a nice distraction from the fury of activity going on in my head.

So the question is…do I test at home before Tuesday? Or do I suck it up, wait it out, and attempt to carry on normalcy (ha!)?

What would you do? I am so terrified of the response that I’m going to get and I feel like testing at home prior would make me feel slightly more in control than I actually am.

Deep breaths, lady. Big, deep breaths….

Advice/opinions/commiserations are well appreciated!

-Regular “patience of a flea” Van.


So I’m midway through the infamous 2-week wait, and I have made a conscious effort to not fall into the symptom psychosis that I’ve suffered from in the past.

You know what I’m talking about.

It’s all of those internal conversations you have with yourself:

“That felt a little weirder than usual.”

“I think I remember reading that that could be an early sign of pregnancy.”

“Maybe I’ll Google it just to¬†see if maybe other women have experienced this, too.”

“Are my areola darker than usual? I know that’s a sure sign!”

…and on and on it goes…

There’s a meme going around the ol’ internets right now with a series of pictures and the captions “What my friends think I do”, “What my mum thinks I do”, “What I think I do”, “What society thinks I do”, and “What my clients/students think I do”, and “What I really do”. I think us IFers should come up with one!

What image would be in each of your meme squares?

-Regular “Trying to Occupy Herself With Other Things” Van.