So it’s been a minute since I last reported on my pregnant self. Lots to share!

I’m a few days shy of being 21 weeks, and I’m not going to lie: I’m sad to think that this pregnancy is more than half over. Never in my life have I felt so good, so full of life (literally–HA!), nor have I ever had so many compliments. Pregnancy suits me. I look good, I feel good, and I freaking LOVE this big ol’ round belly. We were at a wedding this past weekend, and rented a hotel room. Upon entry into the room, I stripped down to my birthday suit and proceeded to run back and forth. Pregnant nudie bodies are hilarious, even more so when they’re in motion!

Anyway, let’s back track a little, because there’s been some major events that have gone on. At about 16 weeks, I felt like something wasn’t quite right, and thought it could perhaps be a bladder infection of some sort. I didn’t know who to call, or what to do. Do I go to a walk-in clinic? Do I call my OB? I called my OB, and the nurse told me I could see the doctor if I got there early, so off we went. I was kind of paranoid because my pee hadn’t been tested when I saw him for the first time (a week or two before). When I described the feeling to him, he told me it was probably just round ligament pain, and that I shouldn’t be worried. He listened to the babies’ heartbeats, and I was really happy to see that little machine get pulled out. He stayed on my left side, so we only heard one heartbeat.

But there’s two babies in there…

I think I said something about only hearing one, and he told me you usually only hear one at this stage with twins. “They’re on top of each other”, he said, even though every scan I’d had showed they were next to each other. What was also disconcerting was the fact that a week or two before at our initial appointment, he was shocked to hear two distinct heartbeats.

I held it together until I got into the car, and then…explosion of pregnant lady freak out crying. Sobbing, ugly crying about disappearing twin syndrome, dead babies inside of me, the whole deal. Poor J. He suggested we find an ultrasound clinic and pay out of pocket for an ultrasound to calm my nerves. My anatomy scan was two weeks away, which seemed like a lifetime.

I ate a taco, we bought a car seat, and I calmed down a little.

Sort of.

I waited the two weeks for the anatomy scan, but was still so so so worried that we wouldn’t find two live babies in there. Oh, I should mention, too, that the doctor said something like, “We’ll have to wait to the anatomy scan to see if there’s two” or something like that, though J swears that I misunderstood what the doctor meant.

Anyway, J wasn’t allowed to come in with me at the beginning of the anatomy scan. They’d call him in later. I could kind of crane my neck to see the screen, and saw the 4 beautiful chambers of Baby A’s heart. I got some comfort from this, though it was never A that I was worried about. A is on the left, so that’s who’s heartbeat I heard at the doctor’s.

I had to wait a long time, but ultimately saw the same image for Baby B. Two heartbeats, two beautiful healthy babies.

We got a shit ton of photographs of the babies, including two 3d images of their faces. Baby A looks adorable, but Baby B has a mangled face because s/he was waving his/her arms over his/her face. I have to walk everyone through where the actual face is. I love that I’m the only one who can see it. Sweet little mangled face…

J created a graph to illustrate my nerves vs. ultrasounds. Gotta love engineers…

Idea note_14_01

Here are some photos of the babies. I’ve labelled them in an attempt to make Mangled Face seem a little less so.

Baby A!

Baby A!

Baby B!

Baby B!


-The “Still-Pregnant-With-2” Family Van