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I had a cycle monitoring appointment again today. It was pretty non-eventful. I spoke with my doctor more about the fluid in my left tube, and he said that if it’s going to go away, it’ll go after I ovulate. If it’s still there, treatment would involve one of two methods of closing up the tube: another laparoscopy (the free method covered under our provincial health program), or a method he does in the office ($600 out of pocket). The first option requires anesthesia again, while the other doesn’t. I asked if it was normal for this fluid to go away. He didn’t really answer, which probably means no. He said if we were to go on to do IVF, he would definitely be closing up the tube before we went ahead. From everything I’ve read online, if you’ve got fluid in your tube, it can leak into the uterus, causing an inhospitable environment for a growing embryo. That doesn’t make me feel too positive about this cycle, but anyway…

So we left things with me continuing the Puregon for at least the next two days. I called J, let him know we’d probably need his services (and spermies!) towards the end of the week.

I carried on with my day, and then at 4:00, I got a phone call from the clinic: I was surging!

Pardon the expletives (here they come)…




My body is ovulating on its own. No trigger shot. My body is doing what it’s supposed to. I wanted to give my innards a hug and tell them I was proud of them (if I’m honest, I did this inside my head after I got the call). Could this be the result of the clean eating diet I’ve been following? It hasn’t been that long (maybe 3 weeks?), or a result of the surgery? Or did little righty over here just figure her shit out? Whatever the case, I’m pretty happy. Baby or no baby, I ovulated on my own. That is so freaking awesome. I have yet to have a cycle at the clinic where my body ovulated before the doctor could give me a trigger shot.

So–IUIs tomorrow and Wednesday. I’ll be wearing my koi fish socks to bring me some luck. Come on, body. You can totally do this.

-Ovulating Like A Boss Regular Van.

Today’s cycle monitoring appointment was not a good one. I’m spazzing out a little, but trying to hold it together.

The good news: 3 good sized follicles are growing on my right side. Righty is never the party starter, so this is exciting. There’s one potential fella on the left side, too. Looks like 150 of Puregon is what’s doing it for me.

The bad news: Apparently, there’s fluid in my left Fallopian tube. This is the tube the doctor opened during the laparoscopy. He said it could just be the result of my ovaries being stimulated (best case scenario). If this is what’s happening, everything will just right itself. Worst case scenario: we’ll have to “treat that”. I don’t know what that means, but I am pretty sure it involves another surgery and the removal of that tube.

*insert silent spaz right here*

I can’t find any information online about stimulation and follicle fluid. Why is it suddenly showing up? Is this a result of the tube being opened? Should I be (more) worried? Anyone have any experience with this?

I’m back on Monday, so maybe I’ll know more then.

Ugh. What a turdy bunch of news.

-Fluid-filled Regular Van.

So I had a cycle monitoring appointment this morning, which entailed blood work and a VERY uncomfortable date with Dildo Cam. Ouchie mama. Was it the technician? I don’t know. I figured it was because my ovaries were just BURSTING with follicles on account of the Puregon.

I guess I was wrong.

My doctor wasn’t overly thrilled with what he saw, and upped my dosage to 100 mg from the 50 that I’ve been taking for the past week. Okay, I think. Not sure what that means, but I guess it’s okay.

Then I get a phone call this afternoon. My blood work was reviewed and Doctor Man wants me to go up to 150 mg tomorrow and Friday, then come back to see him on Saturday.

Obviously, I started googling like crazy. What did my blood work say? What’s going on? What’s wrong with my ovaries? I responded well to both Clomid and Femara (always had at least one juicy follicle in there), so I really didn’t think I’d have any issues with the injectables. Those are supposed to explode my ovaries, aren’t they?

So…uh…why aren’t my ovaries exploding with juicy follies? Why do I have to take more of this stuff?

Any help, blogging friends? I’m freaking out a little (but I’m filled with the best salad I’ve ever had-so it’s not entirely bad).

-Wake Up, You Ovaries! Regular Van.

Remember just yesterday when I said injectables would be a hasty decision for this cycle?

Guess who’s doing injectables this cycle? That’s right–this lady right here.

After leaving my appointment feeling like I’d just been bowled over, I sat on the subway in a daze, staring at a bag of needles and drugs, and a sharps collector.

Wait…what just happened? I don’t remember going into this appointment intending to leave with these things, yet here I am.

Let’s rewind a little.

So the appointment started off normal enough, and then it was my turn to talk to my doctor (he’s only involved in the last part of the 3-part cycle monitoring appointment–one person takes my blood, someone else does my ultrasound, and then it’s doctor time). We talked about where to go now, he sort of asked me what I wanted to do, saying that we had nearly maxed out the oral drugs, “…but then we did the surgery…”, suggesting, what? That the surgery resets everything to zero? I should have asked, but I didn’t. I think the message I was sending was that I’d prefer to try another month with oral drugs, but obviously he’s the expert, so I was looking to him for guidance on this one. Then he talked about scheduling, already looking ahead to the next cycle (that’s promising–thanks, Doctor). He asked me what I did for a living, and then kind of made a face. There are more appointments involved with injectables, I guess, and I said that J and I had discussed that if I needed to do them, this would be a good month as I’m still off from school.

And then *poof* the cycle was set. Injectables. Done.

He warned me about multiples, about selective reduction, and then slipped in that this could possibly (though the risk is small) turn into an IVF cycle.


I wasn’t ready for that. But everything was happening so fast, and I always feel like I’m taking up too much of his time. He sounds sort of annoyed sometimes when I ask questions, so usually I just keep them for Dr. Google.

It was my favourite nurse who showed me how to inject myself. She was there at our first appointment when J passed out and couldn’t get up for 20+ minutes, so she looked at me and said, “You’re not going to be getting any help with these, are you?”. Nope. Flying solo on this one.

So…$1000 later, here I am. Injectables. I still don’t know how I feel about all of this, but too late for that, I guess. All systems are go.

-Preparing to be a human pin cushion Regular Van.

I know what you’re all here for…updated scar photos! Here it is:

Aren’t they things of beauty? Belly button is still pretty gross looking, so I’ll hold off on those photos for now.

Okay, so now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s a wee update:

  • My trip to England was great. It was the perfect length (a week), and the weather was amazing! I had to keep reminding myself I was in England–it only rained once! It was a lot of fun to spend time with my gran, my mum, and my sister. A great ladies trip, indeed.
  • I had had the joy of experiencing constipation for the first time in my life. Holy crap (no pun intended–okay, maybe a little pun intended), it really hurts! A few days before I was supposed to leave for England, I was having some pretty intense pains in my lower abdomen. I thought it might be related to the surgery, so I went in to see my doctor. He prescribed me antibiotics and ordered a urine test done to see if there was an infection hiding in there, but said it could also be constipation. The nurses had warned me about this as a side effect of the pain meds, but I thought I would have experienced it way sooner (not a week later). Also, I didn’t touch the prescribed Tylenol 3s after the surgery, so the only narcotic pain meds in my system were the ones they used in my IV (which I assume they always use?). Anyway, the urine test came back showing a wee infection (that time there was no pun intended–I’m on a roll today!), so I took the round of antibiotics. The pain minimized over a few days and I felt okay leaving for England.

While I was there, though, the pain came back with a vengeance. We were to fly home in a few days, and a seriously intense pain started in my lower abdomen again. I’ve mentioned before that I am tough when it comes to pain. I can take a lot, but this was crazy. Everyone was in bed but my mum and I (we were watching the Olympic opening ceremonies), and I just started crying after about 30 minutes of this pain that was kind of spasming without letting up. My mum got me a hot water bottle and said it sounded like constipation she had after having my sister. It was unbelievable to me that this pain came from poop. Anyway, the next day I was fine and it has yet to return. I get it now, anyway. Constipation hurts.

  • I learned that if I want my period to come, I should take a pregnancy test. Without fail (that’s a bit of an exaggeration), whenever I take a pregnancy test, my period comes later that day. It’s like my body has let go and everything starts flowing. This was the case on Saturday. I used my last test even though I knew I had a snowball’s chance in hell of actually being pregnant this cycle, but my period was late. It’s a long cycle, but it’s like clockwork–32 days. This time, it was 37 days. I expected some disruption because of the laparoscopy, but there’s always that little smidgen of hope that we have. Anyway, my disappointment was slight this cycle, as we were flying blind. Maybe I ovulated, maybe not, and who knows when? It’s been a long time since I’ve been so happy to see my period. I’m super pumped to get this cycle going! Lefty is often the only ovary to show up to the egg-making party, and she’s the one who’s had a blocked tube this whole time.

I was supposed to go to the clinic today to start cycle monitoring again, but I kind of slept in…I’m on vacation! I’m supposed to sleep in! Anyway, I’ll go tomorrow morning and see what the doctor is saying. I talked with J, and we both agree that injectables would be a hasty decision for this cycle. I’m producing at least a couple of good follicles every month with the Femara, so I think I’m just going to stick with that for this first real cycle after the laparoscopy. I ALWAYS ovulate from my left side, but that blocked tube wouldn’t let anything get out. Could it actually be that THAT was what’s been causing the problem the whole time?

Seems almost too easy…

I’ll write another update tomorrow after my appointment.

-Unblocked and ready to rock Regular Van.