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It’s been a little while since I’ve updated this blog of mine. I thought it was about time.

Today marks 36 weeks of pregnancy. These two little scamps are still happy to hang in my uterus, and I’m more than happy to host them. Baby A refuses to turn, despite my attempts with regular swims, Spinning Babies exercises, and pure will. Looks like it’s going to be a c-section for me. We’re hoping that we make it to our scheduled surgery date of August 15th.

Dudes, that’s in like two and a half weeks. I’m going to have BABIES. My mind continues to be blown by this notion.

We’ve been doing some stuff to get ready around here, and I feel pretty calm about it all. No more major freak-outs (J is quite thankful for this). My mum has been ah-MAY-zing, driving up a couple of times a week from my hometown an hour and a half away to help get this place ship-shape. J has been working like a dog, and transformed his office into a nursery. It’s one of my favourite places in the house. I’ll post some pictures once it’s a little more complete.

As for me, I continue to watch this belly grow, though must admit I was a little devastated when a few little stretch marks appeared around the belly button. I really thought I was going to get through this entire twin pregnancy sans scars, but alas…’twas not to be. Not that my pre-pregnancy days were bikini-filled, but anyway. And I’m totally not as vain or self-absorbed as any of this sounds. I earned these scars, and I’m thankful every day for why they’re here.

That's a lot of belly for one little lady.

That’s a lot of belly for one little lady.

Last week I had my first biophysical profile ultrasound. This was a new one for me. They measure 4 elements: baby’s (babies’) muscle tone, fluid levels, body movement, and breathing movement. Each of these criteria gets a score of either 0 or 2, depending on whether they’re evident at the time of the ultrasound. If you don’t get a perfect score, you’re sent to triage to do a non-stress test that measures the baby’s (babies’) heart rate(s).

So obviously, I ended up in triage on Friday after the biophysical profile because obviously Baby B wasn’t showing any breathing movement.


No one seemed concerned about this. Everything else was great, but it was stressful regardless. My doctor told me today at my appointment that unless you’re willing to lay there for 2+ hours, there’s a big possibility you’re not going to see breathing movements. Of course, Baby A was breathing like a champ. Poor little B. This little buddy has already been deemed trouble by all who hear of my experience. Anyway, the non-stress test looked “beautiful” according to the triage nurse, and I was gladly sent on my way again. I’ve got another biophysical profile on Wednesday, so we’ll see what happens then. My doctor is away next week, so I’m on my own. No appointments, no ultrasounds, nothing. A week off. Nuts.

I’m still more than a little paranoid about something going terribly wrong, but I’m trying to get over that in order to visualize what my life is going to be like in a mere matter of weeks. One thing that I’m trying to think about is my post-birth shower. I couldn’t bring myself to having one before these babies were born in terrible fear that I was going to jinx everything. My sister is kindly organizing this for me, and I love her for being adamant that I’m going to have one. If it were up to me, I’d probably just say, “Oh, don’t worry about it. Who needs the fuss?”, when deep down, if I’m honest with myself, this shower means a lot. Not the gifts part, but the part that acknowledges that WE ACTUALLY DID THIS. After two years of heartbreak and tears like I’ve never experienced, we got here. That has to be worth celebrating.

Anyway, I mention the shower because I’ve been asked to make a registry. I’m a bit particular, and have found items all over the place that I love, not just at one store. I read Pregnant Chicken religiously (if you haven’t checked it out, please do–she is so freaking hilarious AND is from Toronto!), and she mentioned this great site called BabyList. You can add items from wherever you like onto the list (kind of like Pinterest), and it includes a link to the page. You’ve got space to give a description, as well, and also you can organize your “wants” into categories, like transportation, clothes and accessories, and my personal favourite, It Takes a Village (Help and Favors). Here, you can add things like meal delivery services (genius!), or EVEN BETTER–a link to your MealBaby site. This site is also genius, as it allows you to create an online calendar of days you’d appreciate a homemade (or otherwise) meal delivered to you from all your well-wishers. There’s space to include favourite foods, foods to be avoided, etc., and even instructions on the best time to deliver it. Guests can then choose a date, and they input what meal they’re bringing, so you’re not ending up with 12 veggie lasagnas on the same day.

The last exciting part of my life these past few weeks was getting fitted for nursing bras. It was the most ridiculous experience of my life, not because the lady wasn’t good, but AS IF MY BOOBS ARE ACTUALLY AS BIG AS THEY SOUND.

Come on, now.

A 34 F is where I am currently sitting. F. As in FREAKING HUGE. That sounds like pornstar big to me, and trust me when I tell you, these puppies don’t look like they’re going to be featured in any adult movies any time soon. Regardless, I got some cute and comfy bras, and splurged on a ridiculously expensive, but equally ridiculously soft, pair of nursing pajamas. I figure I’ll be living in them for the first little while, so it’ll all be worth it in the end.

I’ll end here, and let you know that my next thrilling post will tackle the single most humiliating moment of recent history–buying adult diapers. You can’t wait, I know.

Until then,

-The Hooterific Family Van.


Still full of babies. Still so, so thankful that this is the case, though it continues to feel like a dream. We’re nearing the home stretch here–July. This will (hopefully) be the last full month when I’m pregnant. That’s my goal: to last the full month (and then some).

I had a follow up with the perinatologist last week to check on the kidney and bowel situation of Baby B. He found the kidney, despite Baby B’s refusal to move into an accommodating position, but he suspects it might be slightly lower than its counterpart. This point could be entirely moot, however, as he said it’s more than possible that it was just how B was positioned. His recommendation going forward is for Baby B to have an ultrasound after birth to firm up the position of the kidney. Beyond that, though, he’s done with me. So there was one piece of good news.

Then I asked about the echogenic bowel. “I see no issues with the bowel”, he said. “Everything looks good”.

*Insert BIG sigh from me*

So there was two pieces of good news. In fact, it was all good news at that appointment. Baby A was weighing in at 4 pounds 1 ounce, and Baby B at 3 pounds 7 ounces. My OB is pleased that B is the smaller of the two, as I guess that’s better for labor, if A decides to get his/her act together and spin around for vaginal birth. In any case, I was pleased to hear that they’re growing well.

Being the eternal pessimist that I am, I wasn’t entirely consoled by the absence of the echogenic bowel. I wanted to know if its presence was the concern, or its initial diagnosis. Dr. Google wasn’t super clear, but it sounded like it was the diagnosis, regardless of whether it stuck around or not. My OB today, though, said if it goes, it’s not a worry anymore. I would like to believe that opinion more.

J had a dream the other night that I delivered both babies (me: “How did I deliver? Was it vaginal or a C?” J: “That part wasn’t included”). Baby A was a girl, Baby B was a boy. So now he’s convinced. I still think it’s two boys.

I’m getting huge. I’m still not in discomfort, though sleeping is sporadic at best. I feel like every time I turn over, I’m swinging a medicine ball with me. Also, turning induces pee (let’s be honest–at this stage, EVERYTHING induces pee!), so I end up having to haul myself out of bed for a wee. I think I felt my first contraction last night when I sneezed. Also, B started doing these rhythmic kicks on my right side that bolted me awake. It was the weirdest feeling.

That's one serious belly.

That’s one serious belly.

No news on the nursery front. We’re still trying to clear out the room so we can paint and set up the cribs and dresser. The mattresses and sheets are in the States, but we’ll have some curtains and wall decals to make it feel like babies are going to be in there. As if this is all even happening. I still can’t believe it.

-Huge but Happy Family Van