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Another teacher announced she is pregnant today.

If you’re keeping track (you know I am), that’s still only 2, but you have to understand my school. We are a motley crew made up of all sorts, but for the most part, our staff is made up of single-ish women or older married ladies who had kids ages ago. Pickings are slim for those of child-bearing age and who even want kids.

So 2 kind of feels like a lot of preggos to be walking these halls. You remember I have one RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO ME, right? The 40-year old who had a “surprise”–“Who has 3 kids?”, she asked me, after announcing her pregnancy at the camping trip so many months ago.

I’d frigging love to, that’s who.

I saw the newly pregnant teacher this morning, and spotted a little bump happening. I thought about asking, but then remembered how mortified I always am when people ask (which seems to happen on the regs), so I kept schtum. Then I heard her come out of the principal’s office and the principal was squealing in delight. Again, no one said anything to me, but I am a good detective. I put two and two together.

She came to talk to me before the kids came in this morning because apparently, she heard from someone that I am in the same situation she was in. She had a hard time. She struggled to get pregnant and then to keep a pregnancy. I squealed in genuine delight for her (I have a lot of love for those of us who have a hard time–not so much for those who have 40-year old “surprises”), and we did big hugs. As we were hugging, she told me “It will happen” and then we both got teary, which is crazy because she’s like a rock. We hugged some more, we weeped some more, she told me about her experiences (which again was kind of crazy because we’re not that close and she doesn’t share a lot of information about her personal life), and I told her how happy I was for her. She will be an incredible mother–there is no doubt in my mind. This woman is the most phenomenal teacher we have here, and certainly the best that I have seen in my career.

So the day carried on, and I held myself together. Then came recess. All these kids came running up to me telling me that this teacher is pregnant and she’s having a girl!!!

Like, every kid.

Like, kids I don’t teach.

Like, kids I’ve never taught.

My friend pulled me aside and said, “Did you hear?” (she knows what I’m going through). I told her that we had spoken and it was really nice, and she just said how sorry she was that I had to deal with this.

I kept going. No wavering, no problem. I was there to teach, and teach I did. I was maybe a little more snappy with the kids than usual, but sometimes that’s good for them.

Then lunch rolled around. Again, there was a frigging parade of children letting me know (because apparently, I need to know even more) that the teacher is pregnant and she’s having a girl!!!!

I put on my big girl smile and shared in their excitement, and then escaped quickly to pick up my attendance. Well, wouldn’t you know it. The conversation in the office was all about preggers, of course!

That’s when I lost my shit. I was walking up the stairs with two teachers who I consider friends and we were discussing our standing Friday date at the local pub. One teacher was saying how ready he was to get there, which of course I agreed with and said, “You have no idea”, which then resulted in tears and the other teacher asking if I was alright.

Nope. I’m not.

I ran to my room and closed the door and then proceeded to hyperventilate.




This has never happened to me before. Like, I seriously couldn’t breathe normally. My hands started going all pins-and-needles-y, and my feet felt numb. I called J, still hyperventilating, and he was calm but in a “holy shit, my wife is freaking, so I can’t, but I kind of am inside” sort of way.

I was supposed to be in a lunch hour meeting about this stupid standardised test that’s coming up, but I couldn’t get my shit together. My friend encouraged me to ditch the meeting and go out for lunch.

Best thing I could have done.

Ugh. Today has been really, really hard.



You’re kidding me, right?

So here I am, up at camp with my awesome students and some other awesomely kids from other classes. Fresh air, exercise, just what I needed.

Then this morning, a teacher from school came up for the morning and announced over breakfast that she’s preggers.




This is the same teacher who asked me a few months ago whether I was pregnant, to which I responded by busting into tears and blubbering about how we were trying, blah blah blah. It was up there in terms of embarrassing moments, since I don’t know her that well and she realized as soon as she said it that it is NEVER an appropriate question.

So I’m back mentally in the fucking land of fucking infertility and it blows so hard.


-Camping Regular Van (who is trying hard not to cry right now)