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Round 1 of this cycle’s IUIs is complete.

In the left corner, measuring in at a substantial 20.5 mm, Folli “the baby maker” Eggerson!

And in the right corner, measuring in at…oh wait, Folli wins by default, as he’s going unchallenged.

According to Dr., one egg is just fine for a young pup like me (I will never get tired of him telling me I’m young). He explained today that traditional ovulation predictors don’t work for women with PCOS, as their hormones are all wacked. Interesting, as I used to use them and they turned positive when I thought I should have been ovulating.

Big thanks to Lori at Wanted: Family of Three for my fancy IUI socks. I couldn’t wait to be able to wear them! Koi fish are supposed to bring luck…let’s hope these swimmers (and J’s!) do their jobs this month.

A very flattering (!!) shot of Kois and stirrups. Yes, those are oven gloves on the stirrups.


“And you know when I’m down to just my socks what time it is… Oh! It’s business time…”

In my house, “business time” is less about “…making love/making love for/making love for two/ making love for two minutes/when it’s with me girl you only need two minutes/because I’m so intense”, and more about spreading for the ol’ stirrups.

Properly chosen socks have become a staple during my cycle monitoring/IUI appointments. My sock of choice is of the knee variety. They keep my legs warm while that ultrasound wand is doing its business, and let’s be honest here, I’m not shaving my legs unless my legs are exposed all day.

Anyway, a fellow blogger is organizing a sock exchange for interested IF ladies.

You should check it out, because “you know when I’m down to my socks/it’s time for business/that’s why they call them business socks, ooh…”

-Currently Wearing Socks Regular Van.