Usually, I wait until I’ve returned home from school before I start my blog posts, but today, I’m a bit afraid that I’m going to lose my shit on some unsuspecting innocent soul during my commute home.

I thought it best to avoid that by letting it allllllll out here.

I hated yesterday. I don’t know why, I just hated it so much. My students were working my nerves, reports went home, I was dreading the upcoming parent/teacher interviews, etc. etc. Then J and I went to Ikea, which was its own special kind of hell for this infertile lady.

When pregnant bellies weren’t smacking into me, strollers were (okay, SLIGHT exaggeration). You couldn’t swing a cat without hitting a woman in some stage of motherhood (who swings a cat?!?!).

So I though to myself, “Self? Yesterday sucked a fat one, for some still unknown reason. Tomorrow will of course be better”.


Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me this week, but I am one miserable cow. I’m mean to everyone, I can’t maintain focus, I can’t do much of anything except cry (I’m so good at that!). I thought my funk was over, as I’d been feeling really good lately, and then this week came out of nowhere and I pretty much hate everything.

I know I’ve bitched and moaned about these stupid progesterone suppositories way too often for any reasonable person to care at all anymore, but they are not helping the situation. I am uncomfortable, I stink (sooooooo gross), and I don’t know if they are doing anything. J is in a constant state of arousal, and I just keep pushing him off me in absolute revolt (not at him, of course, but at how effing gross I feel/look/am acting lately).


I’m done complaining now, and am going to actively focus on the positive. Life has been pretty kind to me, and I should keep that at the forefront.

Hope you’re enjoying a super Valentine’s Day filled with loving.

-Crabby B Van