So…less than a week with the progesterone suppositories and they’ve already, shall we say, lost their shine (though if I’m honest, they never had any shine).

Any ladies out there experience these little gems? I have the great pleasure of shoving these tiny white bullet-shaped suppositories up there twice a day for 2 weeks.

Ew. Here’s where we get a little TMI, maybe…

The insertion isn’t even the worst. It’s the sporadic mini-gush from the nether region that is more than a little off-putting. Any Progesterone users out there who are experiencing the same thing?

Anyway, it’s been snowing here in Toronto all weekend (for pretty much the first time all winter!), so I went for a nice walk in the sun, then spent my afternoon making Valentine’s treat bags for my students. It felt good to do something that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with babies or IF. I need to do more of these kinds of things every day to retain any sanity I have left.

Happy Grammy Night, everyone. Sad news about Whitney Houston. Her “Whitney” album was the first cassette tape I owned. I got it as an Easter gift when I was in Grade 2 and loved singing along. Also, pretty sure my Grade 7 friends and I made entire tapes (front and back) filled with only “I Will Always Love You”. Good times…

-Regular Van.