Progesterone suppositories – Cycle day 15 – Duration: about 2 seconds, though much squinting and squirming

So it’s Day 1 of the progesterone suppositories (PS for short–cute!). I inserted it nearly exactly 13 minutes ago. The doctor gave me some info, but most of what he says I forget in a span of 30 seconds. I am not an auditory learner.

There’s all kinds of wacky information regarding PS online, with women talking about having to lie down for 30 minutes post-insertion. Who the hell has that kind of time? Not this lady, that’s for sure. I understand the fear of it coming out, though, hence the post title. I feel like this tiny thing is just swimming around all up in there.

I am for some reason reminded of Larry David…


I have been stalking fellow bloggers blog rolls to find great blogs, and man, have I found some. I have a deep appreciation and gratitude for the ladies who have made me laugh while recounting their personal stories of infertility. It’s so easy to lose yourself in this, and to sink deeper and deeper into depression (for me, anyway).

I’ve started my own collection of links to blogs that I think are worthy of note. Take a look.

I think it’s interesting that, save for one exception, no one I know knows of this blog, yet each day I see more people are reading it. I think that goes to show that those of us in this frustrating boat are seeking out community that isn’t necessarily our physical community. This is intensely personal stuff that we need to share, but sometimes it’s weird sharing it with those close to us. Sometimes, too, strangers have more in common with us than our close friends.

Thanks infertility sisters. You are a stellar and BRAVE bunch for sharing your stories.

-Progesteroney Regular Van.