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So I may or may not have had a major freak-out last night, which may or may not have caused me to convince myself I had ovulated too late for the IUIs to have done anything.

I may or may not have bugged out so hard that I had to turn off my Circle+Bloom meditation program because my breathing started speeding up.

I also may or may not have spent the hours between midnight – 2:00 AM conducting the following Google searches:

  • i didn’t ovulate iui
  • ovulation not confirmed progesterone suppositories
  • iui pain
  • does progesterone stop ovulation
  • ovidrel
  • ovidrel success rates
  • how long does washed sperm live
  • timing of iui

I also may or may not have yelled at poor J ON HIS BIRTHDAY because I spent a restless night freaking out about whether this cycle was a bust or not and not knowing what to do about it while feeling definite ovulation pain, and maybe kind of resenting the fact that he was sound asleep while all this freaking out was going on.

I may or may not have used yet another sick day to return to the clinic like a crazy lady, and sputter out some nonsensical ramblings about not ovulating and maybe needing a third IUI and not knowing what to do and should I start the progesterone and I swear I’m not crazy but I know it sounds like I am…

I may or may not have spoken to the sweetest nurse in the world who sent me for an ultrasound to see if I’d ovulated, who told me I had two teams working for me. Two teams? “Two teams of sperm are in there looking for that egg”, she may or may not have said to me, while looking at me with an expression that could best be described as a mix of “let’s get this crazy calmed STAT”, and genuine caring. I may or may not have said to her that I don’t usually spaz out like this, I swear, this is my first major bug out, I swear…

My doctor may or may not have seen me after the ultrasound and asked me if I was okay, to which I apparently couldn’t formulate an answer, so he brought me into his office to talk. During this meeting, I may or may not have been repeating the mantra “I can control the flood that is creeping into my eyes right now/You will not break down here”, while listening to him explain that the timing for the IUIs was perfect, that I shouldn’t lose sleep over this (um, too late for that one, sir), and that I had probably ovulated yesterday afternoon or early evening.

I may or may not love my sweet husband even more for encouraging me to go to the clinic to put my mind at ease and to come with me this morning. He may or may not have smeared his face with the chocolate from his muffin to make me laugh, and then forced me to kiss him so he could call me a “chocolate face!!!”, which I know was all done in the name of making me laugh and trying to get me to chill out for just a second. It may or may not have worked a treat.

All of this may or may not have happened, but as I said above, I admit nothing :).

-Keeping Shtum Regular Van

Cycle monitoringCycle days 10, 12, 13 – Duration: about 1 and a half each time

Lots to report on in this post. Things have been moving swiftly. My cycle monitoring appointments started to pick up steam 3 days after the HSG. I arrived and ran through the regular battery of tests: blood work, transvaginal ultrasounds (from here on out=TU because transvaginal grosses me out kind of). The final part of every cycle monitoring session is a quick update with the doctor.

So my session on CD 10 was moving along tickity boo until I got to the doctor part. He told me that the results of all the blood work was “starting to come back”, and he was concerned about my thyroid (I knew it, but that’s another story for another time). He said it was well within normal range, but normal range is not ideal range for women who are trying to conceive. At the time, my thyroid came back at 2.8, and he said he wanted to see it at 2.5. He then said (and here’s where I lost my mind temporarily on the inside, then on the outside much later in the privacy of my own home) that theirs is a “fertility clinic, not a cancer clinic”, and then proceeded to write me a prescription that I would be on for “the long haul”.

Um, can we rewind a bit?

Who throws around the “c” word with no explanation?

I didn’t ask what he meant because I was kind of floored with how the whole discussion had flipped on a dime, but thinking about it rationally now, I guess he was saying that I need to monitor my thyroid with my regular doctor. I guess.

Moving on.

He wanted me back 2 days later for more cycle monitoring, as he felt ovulation was nigh. And so, as a good, obedient, slightly freaked out little patient, I returned 2 days later. Again, I “cycled” through the cycle monitoring stations, and awaited my doctor time. This time, he told me that I had some good looking follicles forming on the right and possibly the left ovary. Exciting!

We discussed our options for this month. He said we could try au naturel if we liked (me: tried that for a year–not so great. Next option?), he could do a cervical insemination (CI) where he would put some cervical mucous on a slide with some sperm to see how they interact, then insert it into cervix if everything was working out well, or we could do an intrauterine insemination (IUI). He expressed some concern with the CI, as a result of the clomid he put me on to encourage ovulation, but the choice remained ours. He wanted me back the next day to check on the follicles to see when we’d be ready for J’s part, and let me know if would be soon (like, next couple of days).

So I returned the next day for another round of cycle monitoring, feeling like a friggin’ pro by this point. At first, I was a little bashful about stripping down to my lady bits in front of the ultrasound techs, but by now, I’ll pretty much pull my pants down for anyone. I started thinking about the multitude of things had been all up in my junk over the past week, and it was really quite shocking.

At the cycle monitoring session on CD 13, I was told tomorrow was going to be the day for whatever we had chosen to do. I said IUI, doctor said he wasn’t going to fight me on that one, and agreed that that course of action made a lot of sense. Phew. So we came up with a plan (I like plans a lot): J would come with me tomorrow to submit his sample, his sperms would get washed to get rid of the extraneous bits, and the doctor would turkey baste them into me.


I was excited. I still am excited. I’m excited that I feel like we’re getting somewhere. IUI doesn’t guarantee a pregnancy (the success rate is pretty crap, actually), but it’ll get us a step closer in figuring out what’s going on.

I got a shot of Ovidrel, which triggers ovulation, in preparation for tomorrow’s IUI. It was a tiny shot in my belly. Little pinch, no big deal. There was some very minimal pain at the site of the shot for maybe an hour or so, but then totally gone. No other side effects that I noticed.

I left feeling positive and excited about what was going to happen tomorrow. First IUI. Hesitant optimism, I’ll call it.

-Hopeful, but still Regular, Van.