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30 weeks. Keep cooking in there, babies. We can totally rock 8 more weeks of this gloriousness!

It’s been an exciting, yet incredibly relaxing, week around these parts. We’re (very slowly) checking things off our massive TDBB list (To Do Before Babies), though I feel that each day, I’m more accepting of the growing reality that the majority of those list items will remain uncrossed. Meh. What can you do?

We started the week by deciding on which new car to buy. We’ve currently got a Honda Fit–an amazing little car that has served us really well. It’s taken us on many, many cross-border trips to visit J’s family 8 hours away, transported nearly all of the materials we used for our home renovation, handled mattresses strapped to the top, hauled away tons of shit we never really needed, transported me to and from my first surgery, my second surgery, our egg retrieval and transfer… It was the first major purchase J and I made together. I remember at the time feeling so grown up–buying a car with my dude.

We were sure we’d be driving this car into the ground, but back then we certainly hadn’t banked on filling the backseat with two car seats. J’s just over 6 feet tall with ginormo legs, and the Fit just wasn’t long enough to put a car seat behind him. We had a 3 car debate going for a while: Volvo XC70, Subaru Outback, or the Toyota Prius V. We (I) decided the Prius was just a little too small for our needs, and financially, we couldn’t rationalize the added expense of the Volvo AND the massive gas guzzling involved. So…Subaru Outback it is. Exciting! As much as I love the Fit, it does feel like a step up. Hondas are great, but they come with n-o-t-h-i-n-g. I’m most looking forward to heated seats and a sunroof. Score!

So the next item checked off our list this week was ordering all of our baby goodies. I’ve been spazzing over the fact that it barely looks like babies are going to be inhabiting this place in 8 weeks (fingers crossed). Here’s our issue: as I mentioned, J’s family lives in the US, the land of cheap goods and future grandparents who drive a minivan awash with space. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to purchase anything here (I know…bad Canadian not supporting our economy), knowing how much we’d save if we ordered it there. These savings come at a hefty price, however. I’m not going to have anything for these babies to sleep in until J’s parents are here. They’re planning on driving up as soon as they get word that b-day is here (baby day). Realistically, we figure we’ll have at least a few days before the babies are able to come home, so I guess (??) someone is going to need to go to our house and set all this shit up.

We’ve been humming and hawing about where these babies are going to sleep in those first few months, and after a lot of thought and research, we’ve decided on the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper. Whether or not we’ll use it as an actual co-sleeper, I have yet to decide, but we needed something that was able to withstand the weight of 2 babies for longer than a month.

Canadians, if you look into the Co-Sleeper, you’ll find tons of stuff about how it’s banned in this country because of risk of injury or death to babies. Hence my initial hesitation. However, upon inquiring about play yards (I guess they don’t like the term “play pens” anymore, eh?) at a well-known baby boutique here in Toronto, the sales rep actually recommended that if I knew someone in the States, I should get one. Twins parents kind of get the shaft with those play yards, as the maximum weight for the sleeping section is 15 pounds. That’s not a lot when we’re talking about two babies. Also, we had our childbirth class last week, and the educator recommended it, as well. She said it wasn’t banned because of safety, but because the government wasn’t sure how to classify it: as a crib or a bassinet.

Our birthing class was great–we had a private session, as the group classes were full. Our educator was fabulous, and lives close by. She’s a labor coach, as well, but doesn’t work over the summer. Too bad. I really liked her. J had to lie down during the epidural talk (there weren’t even pictures), so I’m thinking a labor coach may not be such a terrible idea. The one she recommended is also trained in hypno-birthing, which is of great interest to me.

The final exciting event of the week was my growth ultrasound that I had on Friday. I went back to the clinic that did the first two (not the hospital’s high-res one with the perinatologist–but that’s a whole other story). The tech was new to me, but super nice. I was on my back for most of it, until I felt like I was going to pass out and had to roll to my side. I got super sweaty and everything started going black…yeah, time to move. She suggested I go to the bathroom. Uh, lady, if I get up now, I’m going to be on the floor. Probably just going to hang out here for a couple of minutes.

I felt fine once I had laid on my side for a bit and took my sweater off. The room felt like it was a million degrees which is so weird for me. I am always cold. This pregnancy has wreaked havoc on my internal thermostat. Anyway, she continued with the ultrasound and lo and behold, she found two kidneys on Baby B, complete with blood vessels leading to it. She kept asking if I was sure it was Baby B that they had said only had a single kidney, and kept shaking her head. I asked about the echogenic bowel, but all she said was something along the lines of, “The doctor has to analyze that” or some other such thing that essentially means it’s still there.

So…I’m off to the OB tomorrow to see what he has to say, which is never really a lot. I think I’ll get the results of the gestational diabetes test, so fingers are crossed that everything comes back okay. I’ve got an ultrasound booked with the perinatologist for next week, so I’m a little anxious to find out why I’m going back there.

Large and in charge.

Large and in charge.

All in all, things are chugging along. I’m growing, babes are growing, but still no preterm labor signs, which I’m very thankful for. Nice long, closed cervix and no contractions (that I know of, anyway). Let’s keep this party going for another 8 weeks, hey, babies? What do you say?

-The Ever Growing Family Van.


…work, that is. I officially stopped working on Monday, though I’d be lying if I said I’d been giving teaching my all up to that point.

My students threw me a surprise baby shower on my last day. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever. A co-worker tipped me off to what was about to go down, as she is well aware of my constant on-the-verge-of-tears emotional state, so I was able to hold it together. The whole thing was totally overwhelming, and a “teacher moment” I’ll never forget. They organized baby-themed games complete with prizes, made a playlist, put up decorations, made a cake, organized a collective class gift, brought in a pile of other gifts…something else.

So despite having a few pressing items left to complete before I’m officially done with my teaching responsibilities (i.e., report cards…ugh…), my leave has begun. Getting a letter from my OB was no big whoop, thank goodness, as I was finishing on Friday despite what he was going to tell me. My appointment wasn’t until the Wednesday of the same week I wanted to be done. That’s what you call leaving it to the last minute. I’m kind of a pro at that.

I spent most of my first day off lying on the couch watching Dr. 90210, and the babies were going crazy. I’m chalking all the movement to a relaxed mama and not their inherited love of terrible, terrible television. I imagine they’ll be classier than that.

At 29 weeks, it feels really nice to sleep when I want, as my nights are pretty stop and start as far as sleeping goes. Comfort is becoming an issue, and I’m getting some pretty sore hips. I don’t mind so much anymore, as I know I can have an afternoon snooze if I like. Also, the ability to eat and drink whenever I want to is pretty awesome, but nothing compares to my new-found ability to PEE WHENEVER THE MOOD STRIKES. For non-teachers, this may not seem like a big deal, but holy, it most certainly is! At school, I was restricted to the following pee times: 8:30, 10:20, 12:00, 2:15, and 3:40. Often, I would be close to bursting and would have to walk down two flights of stairs to an available toilet, then bolt up them again to pick up my class. Yes. It was certainly time to be done.

I go for another growth ultrasound on Friday, and we’ve got a private baby class on Thursday night. I’m looking forward to that. Neither J nor I have much experience with babies (read: ANY), to the extent that neither of us has ever even changed a diaper. Um…yeah, we’re going to need some tutelage on that one. The house still isn’t ready, but I at least feel like we’ve got a plan going forward. We’re going to get there.

Here’s how the bump is progressing:

29 weeks - Enough with the kicks to the cervix, Baby A!

29 weeks – Enough with the kicks to the cervix, Baby A!

Baby A feels really low, and when s/he starts moving around, I am still expecting to see a little hand waving at me from down there. J and I were driving back from a wedding this past weekend and he asked what was up when I turned really quiet. Hesitantly, I told him it felt like Baby A was going to fall out. He just looked at me and said, “Yeah…pretty sure it doesn’t work that way”. I still did some extra kegels just in case I could trap that little dude in there a bit longer.

-Baby Trapping Family Van.

28 weeks today. Holy shit. I never, ever thought we’d get this far. I still have trouble believing I’m actually pregnant, despite the crazy movements my belly now makes. At night, instead of watching TV, I just watch my belly move around and try to imagine that in good time, we’re going to have two little babes.

It’s wild. This whole thing has been totally wild.

Anyway, onto my secret.

So I have this really cute pair of yellow cropped jeans I bought at probably 5 months. They’ve got white spots on them, kind of cheetah-ish, but less tacky. Anyway, I wear them often.

Here’s the secret, though…



I bought these pants in my pre-pregnancy size hoping that my belly band would keep these suckers up. The first time I wore them, J bet me my pants would be down around my ankles by morning recess. Wrong, husband. These suckers aren’t going anywhere. Not even my massive belly can push these pants down. Sure, there’s a lot of wriggling them back up every now and then, and yes, I live in constant fear that my underwear is showing or someone is going to clue in to my secret, but otherwise…belly bands are the greatest invention ever! Easily half the pants I wear are normal pre-pregnancy pants using a belly band. This makes for quite a savings on maternity clothes, let me tell you.

Anyway, I had to share my little secret. Hope you enjoyed!

-Pants-Undone-And-Loving-It Family Van.