Cycle monitoring – Cycle Day 9 – Duration: about half an hour/Naturopath appointment #1 – Duration: about an hour and a half

Holy appointments, Batman. Also, holy quiet blog. I’ve had nothing to report, and I’m afraid I don’t have much to report today, either, but I’m sure I can squeeze some words out of myself.

So to start off my day, I went for my cycle monitoring appointment. Today was a first: they called me for my ultrasound BEFORE calling me for blood work. Shocking! I think the blood ladies were gassing about something, and so the ultrasound ladies beat them to the punch. Today was F-A-S-T. Of course, the day I have booked the entire day off instead of just the morning, I’m in and out of there lickety-split. Anyway…nothing too eventful went on at the appointment. Doctor wants me back for Saturday, so off I will go. Clomid is done for this cycle, so now I’m just growing me some big ol’ follicles. I mentioned that I was going to see a naturopath later that day, and he seemed pleased (well, supportive, anyway). This made me feel better about my decision. I asked about bringing information from my chart, and he said no problem–a nurse at the front desk would photocopy the necessary sections for me. Superb!

After my appointment, I took my stack of papers and went to the smiley sunshine breakfast place again. I enjoyed my crepomelette while pouring through the pages and pages of my chart. There was piles of stuff in there, so it was easy to occupy myself, Googling all the different tests and results that came back.

My thyroid seems to be in great shape. The most recent levels are down from 2.8 to 1.8. So thank you, little synthroid. You are doing a good job.

I met up with J for lunch, which was nice. His office is near the financial district in our city, and I was shocked by the number of suits I saw. I felt a little out of place (though soooo much more comfy) in my lululemon.

Later that afternoon, I had my first appointment with the naturopath. I should mention that she specializes in infertility. She looked at my chart info carefully and went over it all with me. Awesome. She questioned the PCOS diagnosis until she saw my egg reserve number (50+). She tested my nutrition levels with a machine that had two metal handles that I held onto, and they sent readings to her computer (sounds wacky, I know). The results show deficiencies in nutrition levels and sensitivities to foods. My results? I’m sensitive to dairy (this is not news), and chickpeas in hummus form (heartbreaking!!), but regular chickpeas are okay. Weird… I should avoid scallops and oysters. No problem. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten either, nor am I planning to. She suggested I keep my salmon intake to¬† once a week, and recommended I go back to being vegan for most of the week.

This was interesting news to me. I had stopped being vegan in an effort to get myself healthier for future babies, so it seemed crazy to hear maybe I should have stuck it out. She felt that eggs on the weekend were okay and minimal fish, but beyond that, vegan it is. Also, sugar. I knew this was coming, and I have to say, when I did a cleanse a few years ago and went off sugar for 5 months, I felt amazing.

To recap: nutrition goals–vegan on weekdays, no more sugar. It was comforting to hear from a professional that my diet is actually pretty good–no white flour, very rarely anything processed, and a whole lot of green leafy stuff.

The result that she was most concerned about was the battering my adrenals seemed to be taking. She said there was a link between these glands and the thyroid, and getting my adrenals in check would help with thyroid issues. She came up with a plan for me that involves a whole whack of supplements, and a follow-up appointment in 5 weeks.

Here’s the run down:

Co-enzyme Q10 – to ensure egg quality

Licorice tea – helps adrenal function (and is SO delicious!)

Myoinositol – helps PCOS symptoms, by the sounds of it. I can’t remember why she recommended it, but she didn’t mention the connection between it and PCOS.

New non-prenatal multivitamins – too much iron in prenatals, she says. Okay. I trust you.

Homeopathic drops – cleanse/improve liver function (some liver qi stagnation)

Continue fish oil, B12 drops, and Vitamin D drops.

Holy mack, that’s a lot of stuff.

Feeling hopeful that if nothing else, my body will start to feel amazing, baby or no baby.

-Hope-filled Regular Van.