Still full of babies. Still so, so thankful that this is the case, though it continues to feel like a dream. We’re nearing the home stretch here–July. This will (hopefully) be the last full month when I’m pregnant. That’s my goal: to last the full month (and then some).

I had a follow up with the perinatologist last week to check on the kidney and bowel situation of Baby B. He found the kidney, despite Baby B’s refusal to move into an accommodating position, but he suspects it might be slightly lower than its counterpart. This point could be entirely moot, however, as he said it’s more than possible that it was just how B was positioned. His recommendation going forward is for Baby B to have an ultrasound after birth to firm up the position of the kidney. Beyond that, though, he’s done with me. So there was one piece of good news.

Then I asked about the echogenic bowel. “I see no issues with the bowel”, he said. “Everything looks good”.

*Insert BIG sigh from me*

So there was two pieces of good news. In fact, it was all good news at that appointment. Baby A was weighing in at 4 pounds 1 ounce, and Baby B at 3 pounds 7 ounces. My OB is pleased that B is the smaller of the two, as I guess that’s better for labor, if A decides to get his/her act together and spin around for vaginal birth. In any case, I was pleased to hear that they’re growing well.

Being the eternal pessimist that I am, I wasn’t entirely consoled by the absence of the echogenic bowel. I wanted to know if its presence was the concern, or its initial diagnosis. Dr. Google wasn’t super clear, but it sounded like it was the diagnosis, regardless of whether it stuck around or not. My OB today, though, said if it goes, it’s not a worry anymore. I would like to believe that opinion more.

J had a dream the other night that I delivered both babies (me: “How did I deliver? Was it vaginal or a C?” J: “That part wasn’t included”). Baby A was a girl, Baby B was a boy. So now he’s convinced. I still think it’s two boys.

I’m getting huge. I’m still not in discomfort, though sleeping is sporadic at best. I feel like every time I turn over, I’m swinging a medicine ball with me. Also, turning induces pee (let’s be honest–at this stage, EVERYTHING induces pee!), so I end up having to haul myself out of bed for a wee. I think I felt my first contraction last night when I sneezed. Also, B started doing these rhythmic kicks on my right side that bolted me awake. It was the weirdest feeling.

That's one serious belly.

That’s one serious belly.

No news on the nursery front. We’re still trying to clear out the room so we can paint and set up the cribs and dresser. The mattresses and sheets are in the States, but we’ll have some curtains and wall decals to make it feel like babies are going to be in there. As if this is all even happening. I still can’t believe it.

-Huge but Happy Family Van