28 weeks today. Holy shit. I never, ever thought we’d get this far. I still have trouble believing I’m actually pregnant, despite the crazy movements my belly now makes. At night, instead of watching TV, I just watch my belly move around and try to imagine that in good time, we’re going to have two little babes.

It’s wild. This whole thing has been totally wild.

Anyway, onto my secret.

So I have this really cute pair of yellow cropped jeans I bought at probably 5 months. They’ve got white spots on them, kind of cheetah-ish, but less tacky. Anyway, I wear them often.

Here’s the secret, though…



I bought these pants in my pre-pregnancy size hoping that my belly band would keep these suckers up. The first time I wore them, J bet me my pants would be down around my ankles by morning recess. Wrong, husband. These suckers aren’t going anywhere. Not even my massive belly can push these pants down. Sure, there’s a lot of wriggling them back up every now and then, and yes, I live in constant fear that my underwear is showing or someone is going to clue in to my secret, but otherwise…belly bands are the greatest invention ever! Easily half the pants I wear are normal pre-pregnancy pants using a belly band. This makes for quite a savings on maternity clothes, let me tell you.

Anyway, I had to share my little secret. Hope you enjoyed!

-Pants-Undone-And-Loving-It Family Van.